Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Ford to Face Off Again

This time, the late night host will meet the Toronto mayor on his turf

The face-off between ABC late-night host Jimy Kimmel and Toronto mayor Rob Ford is going into overtime.

Kimmel, who interviewed the party-positive Canadian politician on his show last week, will appear on Ford’s YouTube show “Ford Nation,” the mayor’s brother Doug Ford told the Toronto Sun on Tuesday.

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According to Doug Ford — who’s also involved in “Ford Nation” — Kimmel will appear via Skype.

Kimmel and Ford will likely have plenty to talk about. The Toronto mayor was reportedly “a little upset” about the tone of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interview after appearing on the show — though he reportedly calmed down by the time he reached Los Angeles International Airport to depart.

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“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that you are here, but why are you here?!” Kimmel asked Ford during the appearance. “What good could come of this? Have you ever seen this show?”

Kimmel addressed Ford’s reported displeasure on his show the following night.

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“”We had an interesting night last night. The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was here — and after that, I’m not sure what happened,” Kimmel said. “It seemed like we were having fun. We went over — much of his remarkable life. We reviewed some of his home videos. But then after the show, he was apparently upset. Why, I’m not exactly sure. I asked him about drinking and smoking crack. What were we supposed to talk about? His other hobbies?”