Jimmy Kimmel Unveils ‘Movie: The Movie 2V’ (Video)

Kimmel releases follow-up to online hit

You can go either way with sequels. They can feel like a tawdry cash-in on a movie you love, or expand a universe to turn a great film into an epic franchise.

Jimmy Kimmel's "Movie: The Movie 2V" shoots for the moon in its follow-up to last year's fake trailer "Movie: The Movie." Kimmel debuted his sequel after the Oscars telecast, just as he did last year. 

Taking no chances, he brought in sexy vampires, mummies and leprechauns, as well as a cast that includes Kimmel's pseudo rival, Matt Damon. Other stars on hand include Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper, Bryan Cranston, John Krasinski, Salma Hayek, Channing Tatum (pictured), Oprah Winfrey as the president of the United States, and many, many more.

"Movie: The Movie" scored more than 20 million YouTube views. Can the sequel surprass it? Does it feel more "Godfather Part II" or "The Matrix: Reloaded"?

Watch and share your thoughts in the comments below: