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Jimmy Kimmel Uses Confusing Donald Sterling Question to Worry Strangers They’re Being Racist (Video)

Kimmel jammed the Los Angeles Clippers owner, President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin into the Confusing Question of the Day

Nobody wants to be labeled a racist, and Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of Donald Sterling’s recent racist remarks to make strangers worry that they were making their own.

The ABC late-night host sent his camera crew on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. on Monday to ask: “LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape telling V Stiviano he believes black people should not be allowed to Instagram or Stedman Graham… even if Putin drowns while President Obama looks on. Do you have a puzzling response?”

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The Confusing Question of the Day (above) confused some of the participants so much, that they thought they might have crossed the line, themselves, after clearly sticking up for equality.

“I’m just afraid you’re going to come off as really racist,” the interviewer tells one woman.

“I am? Wait. I don’t want to be racist,” she cries out.

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Also, Kimmel’s crew managed to find one guy who didn’t think Sterling’s comments were racist at all.

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