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Jimmy Kimmel Finds Alarming Number of Americans Who Think There’s a ‘First Lady Debate’ (Video)

Melania Trump catches flack for plagiarizing her answers, while Bill Clinton is still ”one of the best speakers of all time“

Jimmy Kimmel found five Americans too many who actually thought there was a first lady debate, and were even willing to give their opinion on it as if they had watched it.

The ABC late-night host’s latest “Lie Witness News” asked uninformed voters for their thoughts on the imaginary matchup between Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton.

“Now obviously, there was no First Lady debate, although it would be pretty great if there was. There’s never been a First Lady debate and Bill Clinton is not a lady,” Kimmel said to introduce the segment.

One man interviewed gave props to Mrs. Trump, saying, “Well, I think for her first time, under the circumstances, she did okay as far as presentation but as far as the topics are concerned, I think she wasn’t smooth with presenting them.”

Another pedestrian wasn’t so kind: “Melania probably plagiarized and she didn’t know what she was talking about.”

According to another clueless person weighing in on the fictional debate, “Bill is one of the best speakers of all time, he knocked it out of the park like he’s done his entire career.”

When asked why the former president won the debate, one young man said because he “didn’t fake it, he was himself.”

“Just like you,” said the interviewer. “You’d never fake it? Even though this entire thing is made up?”

Watch the video above.