Jimmy Kimmel: Watch a 5-Year-Old Expert Call Out ‘One of Our Worst Presidents’ (Video)

Young Arden Hayes IDs presidents on sight, recites the Gettysburg Address and thinks George Jefferson looks like George Washington Carver

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:09 PM

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated Independence Day early with a visit from 5-year-old presidential expert Arden Hayes, who was able to identify presidents by their portraits, correctly name the only president born on the Fourth of July, and deliver the Gettysburg Address.

OK, so he thought George Jefferson was George Washington Carver when Kimmel tried to trip him up, and he was a little shaky on the first president to build a bowling alley in the White House. Give him a break. He's five.

Hayes, who hopes to be a president himself, has the modesty to seek higher office: He said he's a genius and is smarter than his teachers.

But Kimmel had another career in mind. When Arden cut off his own delivery of the Gettysburg Address because it was getting a little long, the host suggested, "Maybe you'll be a TV producer when you grow up."

Watch and learn: