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Joe Scarborough a Democrat? ‘I’m Sounding More Like One Every Morning’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough says he’s not a Democrat, but on Tuesday he admits that he sure sounds like one

Joe Scarborough’s is not a Democrat, but on Tuesday he said he is starting to sound like one.

“I’m not [a Democrat],” said Scarborough.  “But God knows I’m sounding more like one every morning.”

The line came during an otherwise dry discussion of the fallout from the government shutdown on Tuesday on “Morning Joe.” Scarborough said that Democrats should not accept the narrative of defeat and take the high ground as champions who saved Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding.

“If I’m a Democrat, and I went back to my town hall meeting and they said, ‘You backed down,’ I would say, ‘I did what? I did what?,'” said Scarborough, adding, “I guaranteed, by standing up to Donald Trump and making sure he was out of this process, I guaranteed CHIP funding. I guaranteed by my fighting.”

Scarborough added: “You’re telling me that a three day shutdown wasn’t worth guaranteeing health care for millions and millions of the truly disadvantaged children? That’s a win for democrats if they know how to spin it the right way.”

Indeed, the right spin would be critical, as Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor David Rutz said in a tweet. pointing out that CHIP funding had been in an original funding bill voted down by Democrats on Friday.

As president Trump took great joy in writing this morning, the shutdown fallout is widely being framed as a loss for Democrats. Aside from the pyrrhic victory on CHIP funding, the broader issues surrounding DACA and immigration remain unresolved.

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