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Joe Scarborough Questions Why Trump Held ‘Nothing’ Coronavirus Press Conference: ‘The Idiots Have Been Exposed’

The former GOP rep also let pro-Trump media ”hacks“ have it Monday morning

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough didn’t hold back Monday morning when criticized not only President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic but the coverage he’s been getting from friendly media outlets, too. In fact, according to Scarborough, those outlets are “stupid.”

“If you break down what the president said — a lot of people have been analyzing it over the night — nothing new, nothing noteworthy,” the “Morning Joe” host said of Trump’s Sunday evening press conference where he touted an unproven drug as a cure and refusing to let his medical expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, talk about it during a press conference. “This is the death of expertise; this is when the idiots have been exposed for who they are in the times of America’s greatest need,” Scarborough added.

“What did America get out of cable news networks for running a two-hour, rambling press conference where [Trump] says the same thing?” he asked his co-host and wife Mika Brzezinski. The duo particularly took issue with Trump endorsing the drug hydroxychloroquine and wasting Fauci’s and Dr. Deborah Birx’s time, both of which may cost lives.

Later in the show, Scarborough turned on media “hacks” who support Trump at every turn in his tone: “Now, a lot of the same hacks that were saying that this was overblown, a lot of those same hacks are now actually trying to turn it around and say it was the media’s fault for not underlining the concerns about it.”

He wasn’t done there.

“Here’s the deal,” he went on. “You’re stupid. I know you’re stupid. If you’re being a hack for Donald Trump on the coronavirus, I know you’re stupid, so maybe you think other people are stupid. They’re not as dumb as you because you can’t argue that the press was overblowing it for two months and then when you find out that the press wasn’t overblowing it — that more people are going to probably die from this than died in 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, possibly altogether, if you believe White House numbers — you can’t then say, after two months of saying that the media was overblowing it, you can’t then turn around and say, ‘Oh, the media, they were asleep at the switch.'”

Watch the former GOP representative’s recap of the situation from the top of Monday’s show, above.