Joe Scarborough Thanks MSNBC Chief Andy Lack for Cleaning Up Liberal Network

“Thank you Andy, thank you very much,” “Morning Joe” host says

Joe Scarborough is so happy with the new direction of MSNBC, he all-but celebrated network chairman Andy Lack on air on Thursday.

While discussing the first words that come to mind when voters think of Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, Scarborough joked that conservatives first think of MSNBC when his name comes up.

“Not anymore, though, ’cause things have changed,” he said. “Thank you, Andy. Thank you very much.”

Scarborough’s glee comes from the network’s new harder news pivot, shown by Lack’s removal or demotion of several liberal hosts, including Touré, Krystal Ball, Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner and Al Sharpton.

The network’s ratings have seen a boost lately, along with every cable news network, as the 2016 presidential campaign and the rise of Donald Trump has attracted viewers.

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