Joe Walsh Ridiculed, Reviled on Twitter for ‘Musket’ Comment

Former congressman takes major fire after saying he’ll take up arms if Donald Trump isn’t elected

Joe Walsh learned a valuable lesson on Wednesday: Never bring a musket to a Twitter flame war.

Former congressman and radio host Walsh took a direct hit on social media after seeming to advocate rebellion if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election next month.

“On November 8th, I’m voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket. You in?” Walsh wrote on Twitter.

The tweet drew a predictable avalanche of outrage, with one user responding, “Um, Joe Walsh … you are proposing that Trump supporters join you in a COUPS D’ETAT??? Frankly, I’m fine with jailing your asses.”

“I’ve had the FBI show up at my home to question me about things I’ve said online. But Joe Walsh REPEATEDLY makes threats & nothing happens,” author and internet radio host Tariq Nasheed added.

However, plenty of other Walsh critics decided to fire back with humor, mocking the former politician for his tough guy talk.

“Joe Walsh’s congressional career, like a musket, was done after one shot,” one way offered,

“On November 10th, Antiques Roadshow tells Joe Walsh his musket is a reproduction and is only worth $100 at auction,” another offered.

Even former “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings got in on the game, offering his thoughts in the form of a knock-knock joke.

“Joe Walsh musket.
Joe Walsh musket who?
Joe Walsh musket a lot of visits from the Secret Service,” Jennings wrote.

Which prompted Walsh to walk back from his perceived call to arms.

“Nope. They understand that a musket hasn’t been used in battle in almost 200 years,” Walsh responded to Jennings.

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