Jon Stewart Surprises John Oliver With Elaborate Tribute During His Final ‘Daily Show’ (Video)

It was a beautiful send-off for the correspondent and summer fill-in host, who has been with the Comedy Central show since 2006

Jon Stewart set up an elaborate send-off for protege John Oliver‘s final “Daily Show” Thursday, which included a seven-plus-year tenure retrospective and plenty of tears.

But there was also dancing, as the two shared a final Anthony Weiner/”Carlos Danger” mocking moment to rapper Mystikal’s song, “Danger” — a recurring joke made popular by Oliver while he filled-in for Stewart over the politically tumultuous summer.

To pull off the sneak attack farewell, “Daily Show” host Stewart spent all day penning a long royal family comedy bit that was never meant to actually play out. While Oliver started the routine as scripted, Stewart watched with a smile, his foot up on the shared-anchor desk.

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Soon, teacher interrupted student to wax poetic about the talented understudy.

To which Oliver earnestly asked his boss, “Are we not doing the bit?”

“No, of course we’re not doing the bit,” Stewart said. “There’s only one British Royal here that I care about tonight, and his name is Prince John Oliver.”

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Eight minutes and three montages of his funniest and finest work later, Oliver had watery-eyes and the sniffles. Hugs were shared between the two late night comics, and a well-deserved standing ovation was given by both host and audience. Never mind a “prince,” it was truly a send-off fit for a king.

After seven-and-a-half years with Stewart, Oliver is leaving his Comedy Central home for his new untitled weekly comedy HBO show, which will air on Sunday nights. Tim Carvell, co-executive producer of “The Daily Show,” will join Oliver’s upcoming news, politics and current events satirical series as showrunner.

Watch the tribute: