John Oliver Destroys Washington Redskins’ Legal Defense of ‘Disparaging’ Team Name (Video)

Comedian rejects team’s claim that “Just about everything is potentially disparaging to someone”

John Oliver ripped into the Washington Redskins on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” over a legal appeal the team filed after a judge ruled to cancel the team’s trademark as their name is offensive.

Lawyers for the NFL team filed a new suit citing other potentially offensive names that the government has not taken any issue with. Oliver delighted in rattling off a few of his favorites, including “Slutseeker dating services,” “Capitalism Sucks Donkey Balls,” and “Hot Octopuss anti-premature ejaculation creams,” among many more.

“I forgot to mention, if you have children in the room, they should have left before the previous 30 seconds,” the HBO host joked.

Oliver also rejected the team’s claim in their appeal that “Just about everything is potentially disparaging to someone.”

“A: No, it isn’t. And B: That’s not the fucking point,” Oliver said. “The word ‘Redskins’ isn’t potentially disparaging to someone. It is currently disparaging to specific individuals.”

Watch the video.