John Oliver Emerges From Hiatus for Holiday Guide to Regifting (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host takes a break from hiatus to help out fans during the holiday season

Last Updated: December 14, 2015 @ 6:47 AM

“Last Week Tonight” is on break until February, but John Oliver came back for a web exclusive video, which helps his viewers with a major holiday problem: regifting.

“At some point this month, you will unwrap a present that induces the sort of jaw-dropping disappointment that one normally¬†associates with the word ‘lettuce wrap,'” Oliver said.

So rather than let that gift go to waste, Oliver broke down the rules for the best way to regift something. The first rule is: Never regift something to someone who knows the original gifter.

Second, you should personalize the regift so that the person you’re giving it to really thinks it was meant for them all along. “Something intimate, but vague,” Oliver said. He then displayed several cards that bore phrases like, “Saw this and couldn’t resist.”

Next, be sure to rewrap your regift. And if you don’t rewrap, then at least use a gift bag. “Gift bags are the sweatpants of gift wrapping,” Oliver said. “Sure, it’s lazy, but it’s undeniably better than not putting on anything at all.”

Finally, Oliver cautioned to limit regifting to one per person.

Watch the video.