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Join a Conversation with ‘Glee’ Actress Samantha Ware About Accountability and Cancel Culture in Hollywood (Exclusive)

The livestream is part of TheWrap’s Conversations on Cancel Culture series

Join us on Tuesday, June 29 at 12pm PT for a “Spotlight Conversation with Samantha Ware” – a part of TheWrap’s multi-media series “Conversations on Cancel Culture.”

Almost a year ago to the day, the former “Glee” star spoke out on social media about the toxic culture she experienced on set. During this one-on-one discussion with TheWrap’s Andi Ortiz, Ware addresses these allegations, her fight against colorism and the importance of accountability in Hollywood. 

Following the success of TheWrap’s initial four roundtables with journalists, film critics, comedians and crisis PR experts, this encore discussion will conclude the “Conversations on Cancel Culture” series. All episodes are available for free on demand viewing on the “Conversations on Cancel Culture” website.

Additional featured speakers in the series include editor-in-chiefs Danielle Belton (HuffPost)Gérard Biard (Charlie Hebdo), film critics Ann Hornaday (Washington Post) and Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune), comedians Skye Townsend (“A Black Lady Sketch Show”)Maz Jobrani (“I’m Not a Terrorist, But I Play One On TV”), crisis PR manager Matthew Hiltzik and more. 

Actress and singer Samantha Ware is best known for her breakout role as Jane Hayward in the final season of the Golden Globe-winning series “Glee.” Recently, she starred as Angela in the Netflix thriller series “What/If” and CBS’s “All Rise.” Ware is a huge advocate for social equality, race and gender. She continues to fight for the movement that supports young black women in celebrating their ubiquity as females of color while defining beauty on their own terms and breaking the glass ceiling.

About “Conversations on Cancel Culture” Series

The “Conversations on Cancel Culture”series addresses a new wave of pressure to be silent – or be silenced – that has spread rapidly from media to entertainment to politics. Is this a new form of censorship? Or a necessary corrective to entrenched privilege?  

That very title “Cancel Culture” is provocative and prone to controversy. And yet we feel it is important to have thoughtful and robust dialogue around this issue which encompasses both free speech and accountability, the rise of social media pressure groups and the real-life violence that has sometimes also ensued. 

The series will talk to journalists, comedians, film critics and academics among others to address this complex topic that is – just to confuse things – being hijacked for all manner of misinformation and political posturing.  

Left unexamined, “cancel culture’ threatens to undermine the free exchange of ideas. Debate, discussion and disagreement, and tolerance of those who hold different beliefs. 

For more information about Conversations on Cancel Culture, a multi-media series by TheWrap visit: thewrap.com/cancel-culture-series