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Jon Stewart Admits That He ‘Misinformed’ Viewers About Fox News (Video)

Not surprisingly, ”The Daily Show“ host also launched another attack on the right-wing network

How's that crow tasting, Jon Stewart?

Pretty good, it would seem.

On Tuesday's edition of "The Daily Show," the Comedy Central host admitted that the strongly worded statements he made about Fox News Channel viewers being "consistently misinformed" on his appearance on "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" may have been, well, misinformed. But then he turned his guns back on the network.

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"I may have said that, quote, 'Fox News viewers are the most consistently misinformed media viewers… Consistently, every poll,'" Stewart said, setting up the mea culpa — and, not surprisingly, another jab at the conservative network. "As it turns out, I was misinformed — which should not be surprising because I watch a lot of Fox News."

Stewart was moved to ratchet down his claims after the Pulitzer Prize-winning–website PolitiFact.com scoured polls to find out whether Fox News Channel did, in fact, rank the lowest on the truth meter among its peers. In actuality, Fox News Channel merely ranks near the bottom.

"Ultimately, PolitiFact declared my statement false," Stewart said. "I defer to their judgment and I apologize for my error."

And with that, he launched into another riff — this time supported by PolitiFact research (and in turn lambasted by at least one TV watchdog) — that slammed Fox News for consistently misinforming its viewers.