Jon Stewart and Co. Cut Liberalism From ‘Sesame Street’ (Video)

It's time for Big Bird to exercise his Second Amendment rights

Jon Stewart says he understands why some conservatives aren't fond of "Sesame Street."

"So Fox News is upset that empty-headed puppets are trying to brainwash and indoctrinate Americans?" Stewart said on "The Daily Show" Monday. "Perhaps you could sue them. The charge could be copyright infringement."

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But seriously, folks. The "Daily Show" conceded that "Sesame Street" is full of liberal propaganda. And offered a few ideas for improving it.

In a segment called "This Week With George Snuffleupagus," correspondents Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver suggested the newly named "Patriot Street" could add a few corporate sponsors, plug Ayn Rand books, and advocate the Second Amendment.

"If people are gunning for Big Bird," Cenac and Oliver explained, "then Big Bird's got the right to gun back."

Cutting funding for PBS, home of "Sesame Street," has been a hotly debated topic since Republican Mitt Romney suggested the idea in last week's presidential debate. But put away the gun, Big Bird: Romney stressed that he likes you, personally.

Watch the video: