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Jon Stewart: ‘Oh My God, Rick Perry is Going to Be Our Next President’

‘Daily Show’ joker says Mitt Romney fumbling

Jon Stewart is predicting a Rick Perry win — at least over Mitt Romney.

Following Wednesday's GOP presidential debate, Stewart took time out on Thursday night's "The Daily Show" to compare the two candidates' relative strengths and weaknesses.

Before delving into Perry and Romney's differences, Stewart first examined their similarities.

"Not only have both men been governors, but both could just as easily have found them cast in one of those middle-age, male kayaker-with-prostate-problems advertisements," Stewart observed.

Then Stewart took a look at Romney's effort to explain his economic plan, which included Romney hyping the fact that his plan is available in color, and the former Massachusetts governor's assertion that America needs "a job-making machine."

Stewart's verdict? "You know what? F— it; let's just introduce our new segment, 'Oh my God, Rick Perry is going to be our next President of America.'"

Watch Stewart's endorsement — of a sort — for Perry in the video.