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Jon Stewart Cuts Hand During Weiner Routine (Video)

Host cuts himself on margarita glass

(Update: Stewart needed stitches.)

Jon Stewart sliced his hand open during a "Daily Show" bit in which he pretended to resign from the "Daily Show" for not hitting Anthony Weiner hard enough, and a Comedy Central spokesman said Stewart was feeling fine after getting six stitches.

Stewart explained in a mock news conference designed to look like Weiner's that he decided not to overhaul Monday's show, which taped at 6 p.m. ET, after Weiner's 4:30 Weinergate admission.

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He prepared supposedly alcoholic drinks during the bit, and cut himself on a broken margarita glass.

Story continues after the videos:

"I'm probably gonna need to go to the hospital," Stewart laughed, still holding the broken glass. He later added, "I am bleeding out!"

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Stewart named John Oliver his replacement — and Oliver noted that Stewart's injury looked like no joke. But he also stayed on script to chastise Stewart for taking it easy on Weiner, a longtime friend: "I would recommend you to grow a pair, take a picture of that pair and text it to yourself to remind yourself what balls look like," Oliver said.

Oliver later tried to introduce the show, but Stewart appeared to re-take his chair — with his hand wrapped up.