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Jon Stewart Declares Rick Perry GOP Debate Winner Before It Happens

”The Daily Show“ taped before the latest candidates’ debate, but Romney’s job speech was all Stewart needed to see

"The Daily Show" taped before Wednesday's GOP presidential candidates' debate, robbing Jon Stewart of a chance to make fun of Rick Perry for comparing himself to Galileo or any of the other humor-ready comments. However, that did not stop Stewart from declaring Perry the winner.

Stewart was reacting to Mitt Romney's new jobs plan, which the former Massachusetts governor and previous frontrunner unveiled on Tuesday. There were several things that caught Stewart's eye.

For one, Romney didn't know if it is free or not, but he did know it is in color. 

"First of all, you don't know how much your economic plan costs people to get?" Stewart asked. "And secondly, 'oh god it's in color' because otherwise your 150-page economic plan might be boring to read."

Then Stewart wondered how Romney came up with a comparison between himself and President Obama which suggested Obama lives in a "pay phone world" while the rest of us live in a "smart phone world." Of course, Superman has had some difficulty changing over to an iPhone as well.

After a few more blunders, the only conclusion Stewart could draw is that his show should just introduce a new segment: "Oh my god, Rick Perry is going to be our next president."

Here's the clip:

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Indecision 2012 – Oh My God, Rick Perry Is Going to Be Our Next President
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