Jon Stewart Eggs on Justin Bieber … and Congress (Video)

“Daily Show” host finds the hidden connection between “Baby” singer and the potential nuclear treaty with Iran

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:17 PM

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart put together the pieces and made the connections between the Justin Bieber house-egging scandal and the brewing nuclear treaty with Iran during his show Wednesday night, identifying the common ground between a puppy-eyed pop singer accused of vandalism and a potential historic leap in diplomacy.

Stewart drew a thread between “Baby” singer Bieber being investigated for allegedly egging his neighbor’s property and a plan among world leaders to curb Iran’s nuclear program in typical Stewart-like fashion — that is to say, with a boatload or two of smartassery.

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“Two warring nations turning swords into plowshares whilst simultaneously a small, incredibly smooth-chested boy-man terrorizes his neighbors with groceries. Coincidence?” Stewart asked. “No; I read the Bible.”

The late-night host went on to explain that, even as world powers agreed on an interim date to curb Iran’s nuclear program, lawmakers in Washington are considering slapping Iran with harsh U.S. sanctions, which has the potential to scuttle the treaty.

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“And there you have it,” Stewart revealed. “That is how these two stories are related; Congress is the Justin Bieber of our government, throwing away for no reason whatsoever a tremendous opportunity because of immaturity and a lack of self control.”

Well, that should clear things up. But if you need further explanation, go ahead and click on the videos below.


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