Jon Stewart Offers Gingrich New Slogan: ‘Open Your Legs, America’ (Video)

The "Daily Show" host wonders if "the dioxin of husbands" can be reclassified as a pollutant

Newt Gingrich expressed his displeasure Thursday night that the former Mrs. Newt Gingrich — make that, the second former Mrs. Gingrich — publicly discussed their marriage. But Jon Stewart made his case on Thursday night's "Daily Show" for why the marital brouhaha matters.

Stewart called Marianne Gingrich "the Jan Brady of Mrs. Gingriches. The meat in his wife hoagie, the 'Empire Strikes Back' of his wives, the one that ends kind of sad, but in retrospect is really the best one."

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She said in an ABC News interview that aired Thursday that the former House speaker had asked her for an open marriage, and then divorced her after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He began dating her while divorcing his first wife, who had cancer.

"First wife cancer, second wife multiple sclerosis … can Newt Gingrich be reclassified as a pollutant? … The guy is like the dioxin of husbands!

Added Stewart, "I think I'm going to be sick … and then Newt will leave me!"

Check out the video, in which Stewart and "Daily Show" correspondent suggest Gingrich's new slogan should be, "Open Your Legs, America":