Jon Stewart: Herman Cain Is Lying — or Terrible at Closing the Deal (Video)

What to make of his 13-year "friendship"

Herman Cain's assertion that he was just friends with a woman who says they had a 13-year-affair suggests one of two things, Jon Stewart says: He's lying, or he's really bad at closing the deal.

Stewart took on the latest allegations against Cain on Tuesday's "Daily Show." Ginger White claims that for 13 years, Cain whisked her off to hotel rooms and lavished her with gifts.

"Thirteen years, no sex," Stewart said. "So either one of these two people is lying, or Herman Cain is the worst deal closer in the history of extramarital affairs."

He imagined a phone call in which Cain calls down from a hotel room he's sharing with White to dejectedly order a cot — again. (He portrayed Cain speaking in a voice similar to his own, perhaps to keep Donald Trump from accusing him again of a racist Cain impersonation. Stewart has said the voice Trump objected to wasn't a Cain imitation.)

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White has produced cell phone and text messages to show that Cain called her at all hours, including recently at 4:26 a.m.

"Even farmers don't cheat on their wives that early," said Stewart.

Watch the video: