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Jon Stewart: Let’s Talk About Contraception and What’s Good for Ladyparts (Video)

The "Daily Show" host tries to get his male cohorts to discuss health care and contraception, but they’re against talk about "ladyparts"

"The Daily Show" turned smoky and black and white Monday as Jon Stewart and his male colleagues debated whether health insurance should cover birth control for women. But Jessica Williams was finally able to infiltrate the old timey boys' club — by wearing a moustache.

The show was lampooning recent panel discussions on women's health that included no women. 

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Stewart argued that the pill has health benefits beyond contraception, including as a treatment for ovarian cysts. But correspondent Aasif Mandvi shut him down, asking him to "not sully a perfectly pleasant conservation about what’s good for women with talk of ladyparts." The talk soon turned to menses and high tides.

Finally, Williams was able to share her opinion on the topic, with the help of some serious facial fur and an alter ego named Donnie.

Check out "Jon Stewart's Eye on the Ladies":