Jon Stewart Rips Gingrich’s ‘Condescending’ Race Remarks (Video)

"Daily Show" correspondent Wyatt Cenac calls Gingrich "dickish"

Newton Leroy Gingrich, as Jon Stewart repeatedly referred to the Republican presidential contender on Thursday's "Daily Show," just can't understand why his remarks get him painted as "condescending and dickish." Stewart and "Daily Show" correspondent Wyatt Cenac took care of the that during the "Black to the Future" segment of the show.

Revisiting Gingrich's infamous remarks that he would tell the NAACP that African-Americans should "demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps," Stewart joked that Gingrich is "truly bewildered that he is taking sh*t for saying something so incredibly altruistic."

And then, in a follow-up segment, Stewart and Cenac revisited the many other groups — Hispanics, gays and other Republicans, for instance — Gingrich has offended, prompting Cenac to say Gingrich's most racist act was in waiting this long to make offensive comments about the African-American community.

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"We have worked too hard and come too far to not have someone tell us we didn't work hard enough," Cenac said. "Black people should not have to sit at the back of the bus, waiting for someone to call us lazy for being at the back of the bus."

Check out "Black to the Future" below: