Jon Stewart Skewers FIFA Corruption Scandal as Old as Jennifer Lawrence (Video)

“This FIFA corruption scandal started Jennifer Lawrence ago,” the “Daily Show” host says of the scandal that allegedly began 24 years ago

Comedy Central

Jon Stewart took on the FIFA corruption scandal on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” and poked fun at the U.S. Justice Department’s indictment, which alleges that the corruption began 24 years ago.

“To put that in perspective, this FIFA corruption scandal started Jennifer Lawrence ago,” Stewart said.

Stewart also found humor in the fact that  that top FIFA officials were arrested by Swiss authorities. “FIFA is so bad they got arrested by the Swiss, a country whose policy on Nazi gold was, and I quote, ‘We’ll allow it,’” Stewart said.

Stewart then launched into a bit in which he ran through the different hairstyles that have come and gone since the alleged corruption began.

And for those curious as to why the U.S. is involved in the indictment of an international organization like FIFA, Stewart played a clip which stated that the alleged corruption and money laundering was done through U.S. banks.

“Americans may not watch soccer,” Stewart said. “But we will gladly, nee enthusiastically, finance and launder its dirty, dirty money.”

Stewart closed the segment by comparing the FIFA corruption scandal to the widespread lawbreaking and money laundering that financial institutions like HSBC and BNP Parabas were found to have committed in 2012.

“Let the word go forth,” he said. “If you f–k with sport, you will go to jail. If you are part of a financial institution that laundered the money that f–ked with sport, you will go to the Hamptons or some of you to”

Watch the video.