Jon Stewart Takes Trump-Palin Pizza Bait (Video)

Stage 2 of Palin’s plan: Dismiss him as a liberal pizza elitist

Jon Stewart recognizes Donald Trump and Sarah Palin's choice of pizza place as the calculated insult to New York that it was.

On Wednesday's "Daily Show," Stewart hilariously ripped into Trump for taking the visiting Palin out for chain pizza in one of the world's great pizza cities. But Stewart's critique only played into Palin's deliberate dismissal of all New York has to offer.

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Stage two of Palin's insidious plan: Dismiss him as a liberal pizza elitist.

Like we've said: Palin opted for pizza in New York's Times Square — the least New Yorky part of New York — to show she wasn't too comfortable with the city's weirdos and elites.

The Jon Stewart-type elites.

Story continues after the video:

Venturing no further than Times Square was the equivalent of traveling the world and only eating at McDonald's. Was it an act of culinary cowardice? Or of rejecting other cultures?

Was she clueless when she described Famiglia Pizza as "real New York pizza" (see clip below)? Or deliberately baiting those of us who live here?

I'm going with "baiting." And Stewart took the bait.

Yes, it was hilarious: His Italian accent, his takedown of Trump for stacking his slices and using a fork, and most of all, this line: "I hate to use this term so close to Ground Zero, but we're a bit of a pizza mecca."

But still, he took the bait. So did plenty of other outlets who are right to criticize her taste. But to anyone who's never tasted real New York pizza, this just might come off as snobbery.

Yes: Palin might manage to make people look like snobs and elites because of their choice of pizza.

It's part of her divisive gift.