Jon Stewart Welcomes Jordan Klepper, New Senior Caucasian Correspondent

Klepper holds it together… just barely

New “Daily Show” Senior Caucasian Correspondent Jordan Klepper totally understands how Crimea’s been feeling.

A week ago, the embattled Ukrainian Peninsula was thinking, “I’d love to join Russia! I watch Russia every night! But now they don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. They think maybe Ive gotten a little bit in over my head,” Klepper told Jon Stewart in his first appearance on the show.

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He also accidentally referred to Stewart as “dad.”

Stewart tried to calm Klepper’s nerves, asking what else he’s learned.

“You have to dial nine to get an outside line, lunch is at one, and if i keep my head down here for a couple years, I’ve got a real shot at my own sitcom on NBC,” said Klepper.

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Stewart meant, what else did you learn about Crimea.

“Dad, I am so sorry,” said Klepper.

But seriously, folks: Klepper, an Upright Citizens Brigade veteran, did great.

(For the record: An earlier version of this story identified the nice young man as Jason instead of Jordan.)

Watch the video: