Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cries at ‘Dumbo,’ Tries to Shatter Another ‘Conan’ Coffee Table (Video)

Just another day on the late night talk show circuit

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:15 PM

Everyone’s favorite song-and-dance leading man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stopped by “Conan” on Thursday night, where emotions ran the gamut.

First up, Gordon-Levitt and host Conan O’Brien looked back to the time when the actor trashed the TBS host’s set, complete with a flipped over, totally shattered coffee table.

As a result of that prior encounter — captured of course in a shared clip — “Conan” set designers were forced to swap out the glass type for the indestructible polyurethane kind.

Naturally, the athletic JGL had to try to jump directly through the new one, though he was only asked to knock on it. Fortunately, the material held up and leg arteries were spared. You can watch the near-tragedy below.

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Later in the interview, O’Brien brought up a soft spot for the “Don Jon” actor and “HITRECORD” star: “Dumbo.” Yes, Disney’s “Dumbo” makes Gordon-Levitt cry every time, apparently.

One scene in particular does him in: The one where Dumbo’s mom gets taken away to jail, but cradles the lonely, sad titular baby elephant outside through her cell window.

Of course, Conan had a clip of that too, and when he pressed Play the waterworks started. They just had a little assist from Gordon-Levitt’s H20-filled coffee mug.

Watch the clips: