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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stops by ‘Sesame Street’ for Vocabulary Lesson

Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaches the meaning of "reinforce" on "Sesame Street"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stopped by "Sesame Street" this week to help out with a vocabulary lesson.

The "Lincoln" star paired up with fuzzy and huggable monster Murray to teach viewers about the meaning of "reinforce." He even consented to use his watch as a prop while Murray deployed a hammer.

On the scale of Gordon-Levitt's acting challenges, it may not rank alongside his gay hustler in "Mysterious Skin" or a time-traveling hit man in "Looper," but he gets points for being such an enthusiastic English teacher.

Gordon-Levitt next stars as a porn addicted lothario in "Don Jon's Addiction," which marks his directorial debut. Hopefully, it will not share much of a crossover audience with "Sesame Street."