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See Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Newest Short Film Shot Entirely on Samsung NX1 (Video)

”In a City“ was created through the actor and filmmaker’s open collaborative company hitRECord and shot in seven cities around the world

Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s latest film project is another collaborative effort through his hitRECord production company, but this one is a little different. The short film was shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD on the Samsung NX1.

Samsung and Gordon-Levitt announced the partnership in October, with Levitt saying, “When you’re creating art, it’s important to know that your tools will match your ambition, and that you can rely on the technology to enable, not limit your artistic vision.”

Working through his website, the actor and his global team of filmmakers shot from seven cities around the world, offering unique perspectives of these communities as home towns.

“The project was one of the most popular collaborations we’ve ever had on the site, with the whole hitRECord community excited to get behind it,” Gordon-Levitt said. “We set out to make a film that speaks to a common experience, shared by millions of people, but set in some of the world’s most diverse cities. It was important to capture the unique texture and energy of each city. The NX1 allowed us to do that, and make something that we’re all very proud of.”

The Samsung NX1 supports both Cinema 4K and UHD video recording and has a built-in HEVC Codec (H.265), allowing users to compress and store video without losing quality. “Samsung’s NX1 is an awesome camera and it allowed us to create something really special with ‘In a City,'” Gordon-Levitt said.

The actor curated the best footage crowd-sourced from his massive hitRECord online community to create the final cut of the short film. At the core of the film is a poem — written collaboratively, of course — taking audiences through the cities of Cairo, Rio De Janeiro, London, Prague, Tokyo, Sheffield and Los Angeles.

“This emotive short film is testament to both Joseph’s exceptional talents as a director and the outstanding technology within the Samsung NX1,” said Younghee Lee, Samsung Electronics’ executive vice president of global marketing, IT & mobile division. “The NX1’s advanced features make it ideal for filmmakers in search of a camera with 4K UHD capabilities, to wow their audiences with exceptional beauty and clarity in every shot.”

Exclusive unseen footage will be made available on Dec. 16 along with behind-the-scenes clips. SXM Entertainment is the agency behind the project and setup, managing it for Samsung.

“In a City” can be seen on Samsung camera’s YouTube page.

The video is also streaming on its Facebook page.