Jude Law Gets Filthy in ‘Dom Hemingway’ Red Band Trailer (Video)

Sex, nudity, drugs — and that’s just the first 20 seconds

Jude Law is rude, crude and addicted to mayhem in “Dom Hemingway,” and the latest trailer makes the British crime comedy look especially enticing.

Law ditches his courtly persona to play a safecracker with anger issues. He gets released from prison and goes on a wild bender before trying to collect what he’s owed from the kingpin (Demian Bichir) he didn’t rat out. While he seems to have more than a few enemies after him, his biggest enemy appears to be himself.

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“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke plays his daughter in the April 4 release, directed by Richard Shepard (“The Matador”). But she doesn’t make an appearance in the red band trailer filled with topless women and a bottomless Law.

I guess you could say the trailer is NSFW.