Jumping Through the Web Into a Furious World

I’ve been touring this grand world of ours for a couple of decades with the burning desire to reverse this whole process. What if I could create a world where my audience could come to me? What if they didn’t have to get in their cars and fret over parking? We launched into a new reality where anyone with a computer and web access could dine with us every week. We’ve been doing our live streaming concert variety show Furious World for a short while now. We’ve been treated well by Ustream.tv and our world has become very intimate. Furious World is a dream for me. A nascent bit of gossamer that contains within it every creative aspiration I’ve ever had. It is the penultimate repository of my talent to communicate and the best thing about it is that I don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass to do it.
These are our cameras, lights, computers and editing equipment. I bought this stuff working as an indentured servant for the record industry as a recording artist and for network television as a composer. With my residuals flowing in, I can finally create the things I always imagined in my head. The best part is, I can do it without leaving home.
You see, it all takes place in the studio in my back yard. I want to share it with people who are feeling the opposite of dread about these uncertain times. The fact is, times are always uncertain and I’ve always performed my best without a script – and without a net (but on the net.) This is the new paradigm. This is the Gutenberg printing press. This is Sid Caesar at the dawn of television. It’s a free and open range. The Wild West and I’m gonna power up my 11 Apple G5s, crank up my obscenely loud Vox amplifier, and rock the sun into the Pacific each and every Tuesday night… until the money runs out or until my wife tells me to hang it up.
I’m surrounded by a great collection of molecules each week, my longtime band/friends and a hopeful bunch of fellow dreamers. Furious World is directed by Michael Sean Wright of nicefishfilms, a teched-out wondergeek. The moving light visual design/ Cinematographer is my long-standing co-conspirator Jim Hershleder. We’ve bled for quality audio and with the talent of Marc Jacobs, we’ve created a sonically compelling offering. Heck, even my barely paid intern Daniel Vendt has a Master’s Degree in Film Composition.
Our little Furious World has been visited by some wonderful artists/ creators like Barbara Hall and Rebecca Pidgeon. I’m encouraged by the support from the tech world like hearing Leo Laporte’s report from the future. Last night, I even got to dance in the Hollywood lights with Sharon Waxman searching for lost treasures. My head is in the cloud these days but my heart is beating full just knowing that anywhere in World you can visit my backyard even from your iPhone every Tuesday night at 7 pm PST.
Be Seeing You,