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Juror Questionnaire for Conrad Murray Trial Rife With Drug and Celebrity-Related Questions

Questionnaire asked potential jurors if they were fans of Michael Jackson and if they’d ever gotten a prescription from a doctor who was also their friend

Attorneys involved in the Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial were understandably cautious about selecting jury members for the high-profile case.

And that includes using a lengthy (113 questions) juror questionnaire that featured some very specific queries about the jurors' lifestyles and celeb-watching habits.

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"Your answers are signed under penalty of perjury and have the same effect as a statement given under oath to the court," Los Angeles Superior Court judge Michael E. Pastor advised in the questionnaire instructions, meaning potential jurors better not have fibbed while answering questions like:

>> Have you accessed or posted (on) any blogs concerning Michael Jackson or Conrad Murray?

>> Over the past several years, have you followed any publicized cases? (e.g. O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Casey Anthony, etc.

Read the entire questionnaire.

>> Have you ever considered yourself a fan of Michael Jackson or the Jackson family?

>> Did you ever watch "This Is It" (the documentary of Michael Jackson's concert tour prep)?

>> Agree or disagree: Celebrities and high-profile people feel they are entitled to act however they please

>> Do you think that people of wealth or fame are treated differently in the court system?

>> Do you have any familiarity yourself or through any other person with the following medications? (The list includes propofol, the drug that played a part in Jackson's death)

>> Have you ever taken any of the medications listed above?

>> Has an immediate family member or close friend ever taken any of the medications listed above?

>> Do you know anyone who is or has been addicted to prescription medication or alcohol?

>> Have you or anyone close to you ever participated in a drug (prescription or other) or alcohol rehabilitation program?

>> Has your life or the life of anyone close to you ever been affected by the behavior of someone who had a drug (prescription or other) or alcohol addiction?

>> Do you rely on your doctor's advice without doing further investigation?

>> Have you ever been involved in an incident that necessitated emergency medical care by a medical professional (paramedic, nurse, doctor, etc.)?

>> Have you ever undergone a medical procedure that required an anesthetic?

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The questionnaire also asked potential jurors to disclose any relationships they have to anyone on a list of potential witnesses.

Among the famous names on that list: Michael Jackson's parents, Joe and Katherine; Jackson's children, Blanket, Paris and Prince; Jackson's siblings Latoya, Janet, Jackie, Marlon, Rebbie, Tito and Jermaine; "This Is It" and "High School Musical" director Kenny Ortega (who testified on Tuesday); and Frank DiLeo, Michael Jackson's manager, who died in August.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.