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‘Justice League': Jason Momoa Says Cast Was Treated ‘S—ty’ During Reshoots

Comments made in support of costar Ray Fisher

In a statement of support for his “Justice League” co-star Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa said in an Instagram post Monday that the cast was treated “s—ty” during the film’s 2017 reshoots.”

“THIS S**T HAS TO STOP AND NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT @ray8fisher AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO EXPERIENCED WHAT HAPPEN UNDER THE WATCH OF @wbpictures NEEDS PROPER INVESTIGATION I just think it’s f***ed up that people released a fake Frosty announcement without my permission to try to distract from Ray Fisher speaking up about the s***ty way we were treated on Justice League reshoots,” says Momoa.

“Serious stuff went down. It needs to be investigated and people need to be held accountable,” he added.


In July, Fisher, who played Cyborg in the film based on the DC Comics characters, publicly accused the film’s credited director, Joss Whedon, of “gross, abusive, unprofessional” behavior on set. Fisher also said that Whedon’s behavior was enabled by then-DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns, and by Jon Berg, former co-president of production at WB. Berg left the company in December 2017 as part of a “restructuring,” while Johns stepped down 7 months later.

Warner Bros. launched an independent investigation in mid-August, a move Fisher initially celebrated. But at the beginning of September, Fisher accused DC Films president Walter Hamada of attempting to interfere with the investigation on Johns’ behalf. And in a statement later in the evening, Warner Bros. denied the accusation against Hamada and said that Fisher had never actually accused anyone of “actionable conduct,” and also that he has refused to speak to the investigator despite multiple attempts to reach him.

In a pair of follow-up tweets, Fisher described WB’s statement as a “desperate and scattershot attempt to discredit me” and said that he “met with the investigator via Zoom on Aug 26th.” In the tweet, Fisher embedded what he says is a screenshot of an email he sent to both his personal team and SAG-AFTRA about that conversation. In the email, Fisher said the investigator had been “put on the case by Warner Bros. Pictures, not Warner Media. His findings will go directly and solely to Warner Bros. Pictures legal.”

Fisher also accused the unnamed investigator of including a witness who had not been cleared in advance. “I told him I needed to have a rep on the line as security for myself,” Fisher wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Fisher said he “made it clear to the world on Aug 21st that I would be vetting the investigator to ensure a fair and protected process for all witnesses.” It’s unclear to what he is referring to, however. His only statement on social media on Aug. 21 concerned the trailer for the upcoming “Snyder Cut” of “Justice League.”