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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know What ‘German’ Means (video)

European culture remains a blind spot for pop star

So accents aren't a passion of Justin Bieber's. 

During a recent interview for New Zealand television, the 16-year-old teen idol was left bewildered by an unusual phrase — "German."

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In Bieber's defense, it's abundantly clear that the teen was merely thrown off by the interviewer's Kiwi accent.

"I thought this interviewer in NZ said 'Jewman' instead of 'German,'" Bieber explained via Twitter. "People think I don't know what German is?"

Bieber also references a previous interview in which he counts in German.

"Guess I know what German is," he tweets. "Guess home schooling is working out. Do your research next time b4 making a lame attempt at hating on a 16 year old."