Justin Bieber Explains What It’s Like to Be Justin Bieber on ‘Letterman’ (Video)

Watch the pop sensation read a Bieber-centric Top Ten List on “Late Show”

"Look at him! He's just a kid!"

So giggled David Letterman as Justin Bieber shuffled on stage Wednesday night to read a "Late Show" Top Ten List entitled "Little-Known Facts About Justin Bieber."

As we've learned repeatedly through his appearances on comedy shows over the past year or so, Bieber is pretty good at this kind of thing. And as we learned only last night, he launched Someday, a fragrance for women, back in May. Hello, anniversary gift!

Anyway, the clip is pretty entertaining — especially fact number three: "Last week I accidentally waited in line for two hours for my own autograph." We'd probably do that too if we were him.