Kaley Cuoco Says 10 Seasons of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Is Enough (Video)

“I went from like, hot, to like, 30,” actress says of her run on CBS sitcom

Kaley Cuoco
Getty Images

Penny? Really?

“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco cast doubt on whether she was on board for an 11th season of the CBS comedy on Monday night, telling late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that a decade of playing nerd love interest Penny was probably sufficient.

Asked by Kimmel whether “The Big Bang Theory” — which premieres its 10th season later this month — would come back for Season 11, Cuoco said that it’s “a very expensive question … for a lot of people.”

“Yeah, 10 is a lot of seasons,” Kimmel replied. “Don’t you feel like that’s enough?”

“Yes,” the actress replied. “That’s a lot of hair, that’s a lot of denim sizes.”

“Ten years, come on!” Cuoco continued. “All of my 20s. I went from like, hot, to like, 30. I was 21 when I started this show.”

Watch Cuoco discuss the future of “The Big Bang Theory” below.