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Kamala D. Harris at Wrap Women Breakfast: We Need an Equal Number of Women and Men at the Table (Video)

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris urges more women to run for political office, and explains why diversity matters in positions of power

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris said that it is vital for there to be an equal number of women as men at the table when positions that affect the public are made.

She spoke at TheWrap's annual Power Women breakfast on Thursday, where the theme was women leadership. She says in the video below:

Women have different experiences in life than men. We all have different experiences based on where we are born…

And when we hold important positions and we’re at the table making decisions that impact the lives of people it is absolutely important that there is diversity of thought and opinion that occurs at the table before the decisions are being made. If the decision is actually going to be relevant to the greatest number of people it will be the product of a conversation that debates and discusses all of the potential impacts of that decision.

For that reason if nothing else we want to make sure we have an equal number of women as men at the table.

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