Kanye West Fires Back at Deadmau5 After DJ Slammed Rapper for Using Piracy Sites

“Do you do birthday parties?? My daughter loves Minnie mouse,” West tweets

deadmau5 kanye west

Kanye West has fired back at Deadmau5, who early Wednesday ripped West for tweeting a screenshot of his computer, which revealed tabs opened to file-sharing site the Pirate Bay and a YouTube ripper.

“# whose job is it to carry the head on the plane # hash tag # do you check the mickey mouse head or carry on # does it get hot?” West said, touching off a series of mocking tweets directed at the music producer.

“# I’m bored ### when you get married will your wife have a giant minnie mouse head? # This brightened up my day… thank you dead-mow-five,” he added.

Kanye’s screenshot was meant to show off that he was listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “Death With Dignity” on YouTube, but the tabs in the background indicated that he was downloading a torrent of music editing software Serum and using MediaDownloader to rip songs like Stevens’ off Google’s video site.

When Deadmau5 saw that, he called out West, tweeting, “What the fuck … Can’t afford serum? Dick.”

Sources close to the rapper claim he intentionally opened the browser tabs as a joke to troll haters, according to TMZ, but Kanye has yet to comment publicly on his alleged use of piracy sites.

See West’s response tweets below.