See if Kanye West Is Opening a ‘Life of Pablo’ Pop-Up Store Near You This Weekend

Each city will receive its own customized shirts with its name written in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script

kanye west
Getty Images

Kanye West is opening 21 pop-up stores for his “Life of Pablo” merchandise this weekend after successfully selling his products through temporary storefronts.

According to Billboard, the shops will be open for just three days. Each city will receive its own customized shirts with its name written in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script that fans can see on most of West’s current merchandise.

Stores will be located in cities like Berlin, Atlanta, Boston, Cape Town, Chicago, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland and Singapore.

In March, West claimed that he sold $1 million of merchandise at his New York pop-up shop in one weekend.

The rapper tweeted out the temporary locations on Wednesday night. See the full list here.