Kanye West Is Still a Jackass, President Obama Says

President Obama maintains his hard-line stance on Kanye West’s buffoon status

President Barack Obama has softened and shifted his stance on a number of issues. But on one topic, he stands firm: Kanye West is still a jackass.

Obama, who famously called "808s & Heartbreak" rapper West "a jackass" after West hijacked Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards, re-affirmed that opinion during an Interview with the Atlantic.

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Asked by the interviewer — who will surely receive a Pulitzer for this — whether he prefers West or his fellow rapper/recent collaborator Jay-Z, Obama answered, "Jay-Z … [a]lthough I do like Kanye. He's a Chicago guy, Smart. He's very talented."

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Remembering Obama's post-VMAs comment — which was captured on a live mic prior to an interview — the reporter queried further, "Even though you called him a jackass?"

"He is a jackass," the leader of the free world replied. "But he's talented."


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