Karlovy Vary Film Festival Books Competition Lineup of Dramas, Thrillers and Documentaries

Central European festival will also include English-language films “We’re Still Together,” “LoveTrue” and “Tower”

Last Updated: May 31, 2016 @ 7:58 AM

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which was launched in 1946 and has become the leading film festival in Central and Eastern Europe, has announced the three dozen films that will make up the competitive lineup for its 51st festival, which will kick off on July 1 in the spa town west of Prague in the Czech Republic.

The main competition will consist of 12 films, including “The Wolf From Royal Vineyard Street,” the final film from celebrated Czech director Jan Nemec, as well as frequent Karlovy Vary participant Jan Hrebejk’s “The Teacher” and one English-language film, Canadian director Jesse Klein’s drama about a bullied high schooler, “We’re Still Together.”

Eight of the films are world premieres, and the other four are international premieres.

The East of the West competition section will consist of another 12 films and will open with the black comedy “Kills on Wheels,” about wheelchair-bound hired assassins. Other films include “Collector,” a Russian drama with a single actor playing a shady debt collector trying to clear his name; the Czech psychological thriller “The Noonday Witch;” and the playful mock-documentary “Houston, We Have a Problem,” which posits a vast conspiracy theory linking the U.S. and Yugoslavian space programs.

The documentary competition includes Michal Marczak’s “All These Sleepless Nights,” a hybrid doc about Polish youth; “Whose Country?,” Mohamed Siam’s film about the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution; “LoveTrue,” Alma Har’el’s anthology film about love in three disparate situations and locales; and “Tower,” Keith Maitland’s film about the first mass school shooting in the U.S.

The festival previously announced that Sean Ellis’ film “Anthropoid,” a drama starring Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan as Czech soldiers who assassinated SS officer Reinhard Heydrich during World War II, will screen at the festival’s opening ceremony.

The 51st Karlovy Vary Film Festival will run from July 1 through July 9.

The films:


“Babamın Kanatları” (“My Father’s Wings”)
Kıvanç Sezer (Turkey, 2016)
“Le confessioni” (“The Confessions”)
Roberto Andò (Italy, France, 2016)
“Dincolo de calea ferata” (“By the Rails”)
Cătălin Mitulescu (Romania, Italy, 2015)
“Ernelláék Farkaséknál” (“It’s not The Time of My Life”)
Szabolcs Hajdu (Hungary, 2016)
“Fale” (“Waves”)
Grzegorz Zariczny (Poland, 2016)
“Gleissendes Glück” (“Original Bliss”)
Sven Taddicken (Germany, 2016)
“Nočno življenje” (“Nightlife”)
Damjan Kozole (Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016)
“La propera pell” (“The Next Skin”)
Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo (Spain, Switzerland, 2016)
“Učiteľka” (“The Teacher”)
Jan Hřebejk (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, 2016)
“Vlk z Královských Vinohrad” (“The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street”)
Jan Němec (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2016)
“We’re Still Together”
Jesse Klein (Canada, 2016)
“Zoologiya” (“Zoology”)
Ivan I. Tverdovsky (Russia, France, Germany, 2016)


“Amžinai kartu” (“Together For Ever”)
Lina Lužyt?– (Lithuania, Romania, 2016)
“Dublu” (“Double”)
Catrinel Dănăiaă (Romania, 2015)
“Eşik” (“Verge”)
Ayhan Salar, Erkan Tahhuşoğlu (Turkey, Germany, 2016)
“Home Sweet Home”
Faton Bajraktari (Kosovo, Macedonia, 2016)
“Houston, imamo problem!” (“Houston, We Have a Problem!”)
Žiga Virc (Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Qatar, 2016)
Łukasz Grzegorzek (Poland, 2016)
“Kollektor” (“Collector”)
Alexei Krasovskiy (Russia, 2016)
“Luuraja ja luuletaja” (“The Spy and the Poet”)
Toomas Hussar (Estonia, 2016)
“Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse” (“The Days That Confused”)
Triin Ruumet (Estonia, 2016)
“Polednice” (“The Noonday Witch”)
Jiří Sádek (Czech Republic, 2016)
“Skhvisi sakhli”(“House of Others”)
Rusudan Glurjidze (Georgia, Russia, Spain, Croatia, 2016”
“Tiszta szívvel” (“Kills on Wheels”)
Attila Till (Hungary, 2016)


“All These Sleepless Nights”
Michał Marczak (Poland, United Kingdom, 2016)
Cláudia Varejão (Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, 2016)
“Balad Meen?” (“Whose Country?”)
Mohamed Siam (Egypt, USA, France, 2016)
“FC Roma”
Tomáš Bojar, Rozálie Kohoutová (Czech Republic, 2016)
Alma Har’el (USA, 2016)
“Normální autistický film” (“Normal Autistic Film”)
Miroslav Janek (Czech Republic, 2016)
“La permanence” (“On Call”)
Alice Diop (France, 2016)
“Rodnye” (“Close Relations”)
Vitaly Mansky (Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, 2016)
Manuel Abramovich (Argentina, 2016)
Keith Maitland (USA, 2016)
“Transit Havana”
Daniel Abma (Germany, Netherlands, 2016)
“El último verano” (“The Last Summer”)
Leire Apellaniz López (Spain, 2015)