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Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Meyers Share Terrible Flirting Tips (Video)

It’s a good thing both the Comedy Central star and the ”Late Night“ host are married, as they’ve got no game

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” airs after midnight, and what better time to learn how to pick up members of the opposite sex?

“Key and Peele” star Keegan-Michael Key helped the late-night host offer up useful flirting tips for single viewers at the 1 a.m. hour Wednesday, with the aid of some cheesy ’70s-style background music and a fake bar.

“You’re about to take a master class called ‘Sensuality 101,'” Meyers said, after admitting that they were two married guys who hadn’t flirted in a while.

Their pick up lines definitely lacked sizzle, such as “did you fall from heaven? And if not, why are you in a full body cast?” or “are those astronaut pants? Because it looks like you went to the bathroom in them.”

Fortunately the pair realized they had no game — and wives at home — and quickly wrapped up their late night libations.

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” airs at 12:35 p.m. on NBC.