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Keith Olbermann to Live-Tweet State of the Union

Ex-”Countdown“ host again uses Twitter to forewarn of more tweets

If you were really disappointed Keith Olbermann won't be on MSNBC to discuss tonight's State of the Union speech, he has good news: He'll live-tweet it instead.

It's another sign Olbermann isn't about to disappear — or stop talking politics.

On Tuesday morning, he took to Twitter to promise presumably many more tweets to come: "This is an update from #FOK News. Tonight's State of the Union will be live-tweeted by our team. Well, by one of the guys. OK – by me."

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It was the second day in a row Olbermann took to Twitter to forewarn of more tweets. On Monday, he followed up on the advance notice with a tweeted promise that "reports of the death of my career are greatly exaggerated." He also rewarded #FOK (Friends of Keith) with a picture of himself (left) when he became a trending topic.

Of course, not all his tweets yield such a generous bounty. Though he urged followers Monday night to watch "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" — creating anticipation that he might drop by — it turned out Ferguson just talked about Olbermann's exit. 

“First there was Larry King, and then Regis has announced he’s going, and now Olbermann,” Ferguson said. “Horrible things always happen in threes. It’s like the Jonas Brothers.”