Kellyanne Conway: It’s Clinton, Obama’s Job to Calm Anti-Trump Protesters

Demonstrators are “professional and paid,” says Trump’s former campaign manager

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Kellyanne Conway said it’s the responsibility of Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders to calm anti-Trump protesters.

President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager said that Trump is “there for them,” adding, “He is going to be a president that listens and takes the counsel of many different people, including those from the other side of the aisle,” she said during a Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“It’s time really for President Obama and Secretary Clinton to say to these protesters, ‘This man is our president,’” added Conway.

She also appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and said that “many” of the anti-Trump demonstrators are “professional and paid, I’m sure.”

Her claim that protesters are paid echoed a recent tweet by Trump and has not been proven.

An estimated 8,000 people took to the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday alone to protest against the president-elect. Other protests have erupted in New York, Chicago and Portland, among others. Trump complained that the people protesting the results of the election were “very unfair,” but early Friday morning he tweeted that he loved their “passion” for the country.

Directly after the election, both Clinton and Obama made speeches encouraging Americans to accept Trump as their president and urged for a peaceful transition of power.

“We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead,” said Clinton.

Obama reiterated his priority for a successful transition of power when he met with Trump at the White House on Thursday.

Conway also laid some of the blame for the protests across the nation since Tuesday’s election on Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) for “acting like some garden-variety political pundit” and also “egging people on.”