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Kevin Costner Calls Retiring Vin Scully ‘Better Than a Golden Ticket’ (Video)

The voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers drops the mic after 67 years announcing

Tom Hanks famously said, “There’s no crying in baseball!” in the film “A League of Their Own.” He, obviously, didn’t know Vin Scully fans.

Emotions were already running high in Dodger Stadium Friday night with the anticipation of Scully announcing his last game after a 67-year career. But the waterworks in the packed house started to flow as Kevin Costner paid tribute to the baseball icon.

“We will miss you, my friend. We will miss you in our radio in our cars, in our backyard. You’ve been a gift to Los Angeles and to baseball itself,” Costner told Scully, who was joined by his wife, Sandra.

“How lucky we were that day in Brooklyn when the microphone passed into your hands,” Costner continued. “You were the chosen one, the skinny redhead that stood on the shoulders of the biggest kid, ready to look through the knothole in the fence and describe for the rest of us what was going on. You were better than a golden ticket.”

“You did it in a style so friendly and unique, so effortless that years from now we will not be able to explain it to those who never heard it for themselves. The game will not lose its way, but it loses a perspective, a singular voice that managed to capture a boy’s game played by man at the highest level. You grounded it in a way no one else ever has, trusting that you never had to make more of any one moment than it really was.”

Scully held on tight to his wife’s hands and choked back tears as Costner concluded, “You leave us in the game, Mr. Scully, but not without leaving a lasting impression and not without taking a piece of our broken baseball heart.”

Check out Costner’s entire touching tribute above.