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Key and Peele Rip Felon Voting Rights Laws in ‘Daily Show’ Sketch (Video)

”You can’t trust convicts … we savages, son!“ said Jordan Peele

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele don’t agree with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s announcement that voting rights should be restored for convicted felons.

The “Key and Peele” comedy duo appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Tuesday night dressed as recently released felons to explain why they believe convicts should be denied the right to vote.

“We wanna vote, but we fellas don’t have the aptitude to make informed political decisions,” said Key, playing “Darius.”

Peele, named Killa B. Killed in the sketch, added, “You can’t trust convicts … we savages, son!”

Darius went to prison for tax evasion, while Killa was sentenced for “super murder.” And Killa added that he, like many other convicts, isn’t up to date on campaign finance because he’s too “busy taking night classes so I can file legal appeals on my own behalf, I’m a fucking maniac!”

When asked for whom they would vote in the current election, both convicts seemed to agree on Ted Cruz.

“There’s just something about his eyes, man — something a real serial murderer can relate to.”

Watch the video below.