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Key and Peele Revive Obama Anger Translator on ‘Daily Show’ (Video)

”Good luck with your health care, a–hole,“ Key’s Luther says

Key and Peele brought back their popular President Obama anger translator sketch for one last run during Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

As Keegan Michael Key explained to host Trevor Noah, even though the comedy duo’s sketch show has ended, when one of their former writers said he had written a new version of the sketch, they jumped at the chance to do it.

Jordan Peele once again did his best Obama impersonation, while Key played his anger translator, Luther. Obama made several statements about accepting Donald Trump as our next President before Luther yelled, “How did this happen? Y’all gonna vote for a man who makes America hate again. Don’t you understand? This is how ‘The Hunger Games’ starts.”

Obama went on to say that America needs to be united in the future. “United in the fact that we can’t f—ing stand each other!” Luther said.

And the idea that if Trump succeeds, we all succeed? “Unless he succeeds with all the s— he promised to succeed with,” Luther said. “In that case, we’re f—ed.”

“Good luck with your health care, assh—-. I’m out,” Luther concluded. “I got my eyes on you, p—y grabber.”

Watch the full sketch below.