Kim Kardashian’s Aaliyah Halloween Costume Tweaks Twitter: ‘the Audacity’

Kim Kardashian West meant to celebrate a hero, but accidentally stepped in it, Halloweenly speaking, on October 29 when she posted photos of one of her 2017 costumes — a tribute to R&B legend Aaliyah.

Kardashian West’s recreation of the iconic diamond bikini outfit worn by the late singer in the video for her 2000 smash hit “Try Again,” was met with a mixture of brutal scorn and tepid support. Fans of Aaliyah, who died at 22 in a place crash in 2001, accused Kardashian West of essentially wearing blackface, while fans of the reality star had her back.

Read on for a sampling.

– Ashley (@photografitti90) October 29, 2017

stick with @cher boo #sticktoyourrootsboo

– LsuNurse (@kajunfires) October 29, 2017

the audacity

– LsuNurse (@kajunfires) October 29, 2017


Yeah let’s just let all things pass under the rug, huh? Never said it was blackface, but you can’t tell me she didn’t add a lil extra tan.

– Blogger Cassie (@LAGrlCrookdSmle) October 29, 2017

Nick Leigh summed up his opinion in one work:


– Nick Leigh (@nleigh87) October 30, 2017

On the flip side, a bunch of her other followers think people are just looking for a reason to hate on her. As Gemini524 so nicely put it, “Oh stop complaining — find a hobby.”

Well, I’m black & I say go ahead & rock it @KimKardashian! We all love Aaliyah – it’s your right to show off her look & let her legacy live!

– ♊ThatGeminiGurl???? (@MaysFinest_91) October 29, 2017

Let her be and dress up as the one who inspired and influenced her the most at this stage of her life.

– Canasta Fox (@Canastafox) October 29, 2017

She did madonna too are the wiypipo angry?? Sometimes I feel like ppl are just making something out of nothing iss halloween mekhde

– Big Bad Nesta. (@NestaWane) October 29, 2017

All I see in this thread are people trying to be unnecessarily woke for some likes and retweets

– #AmItheOnlyOne (@Woodlumboy) October 29, 2017

Oh stop complaining ????????????????☹️☹️ find a hobby

– Gemini524 (@DaleshaR1424) October 29, 2017

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