Kim Kardashian’s Quickie Marriage Causes a Christmas-Card Snafu

Reality star forced to scrap Yuletide mail-outs because they include picture of her soon-to-be ex-husband

With more than a month before Christmas, Kim Kardashian's impending divorce is already casting a pall over the reality TV star's holiday season.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" personality took a bath on an expensive Christmas card order, because the cards featured a picture of her and estranged husband Kris Humphries on their wedding day Radar Online reports.

To quote another cherished television icon, "D'oh!"

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A Kardashian insider tells Radar that Kim ordered the cards shortly before departing for her honeymoon, contacting a posh stationery store with precise — and pricey — instructions.

"Kim is a planner, and is obsessed with details, and a total control freak. She wanted her Christmas cards to be perfect, and she wanted at least 10 different choices of holiday cards, black and white, matted finish, you name it, Kim thought of it,” the individual says.

“The proofs were delivered to Kim in mid-September, and she conveyed to the owners of the company that she was very pleased with the results. Kim said she would get back to them with a final choice, but alas, she never did, for obvious reasons."

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Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries on Oct. 31, after just 72 days of marriage — which was surprising, but perhaps slightly less shocking than the fact that someone associated with her uses the word "alas."

At any rate, Kardashian appears to have already remedied the situation. The reality TV queen tweeted on Monday that she and her brood were sitting for a replacement portrait.

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"Shooting our family Christmas card today. u guys will love our theme this year," Kardashian wrote.

Presumably, the theme won't revolve around the sanctity of marriage.

Bummer that Kim had to double-spend on the wedding this year. Then again, with the windfall that she reportedly raked in for the wedding in the first place, she's still most likely coming out better than even on the whole deal.