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‘Kong: Skull Island’ Director Live-Tweets Clash With ‘Heavily Alt-Right’ Plane Passenger (Video)

”So real loud the next thing he says is ‘you’re a liberal ass mother f—er, aren’t ya?'“ Jordan Vogt-Roberts shares in one of 74 tweets

“Kong: Skull Island” director Jordan Vogt-Roberts used Twitter to chronicle a confrontation he had with a “heavily alt-right” airplane passenger he was stuck sitting next to during a flight on Sunday.

Vogt-Roberts, who also directed “The Kings of Summer,” shared 74 tweets about the incident — most of which have since been deleted, but included the man shattering a wine glass on the filmmaker’s foot.

Here’s the short version of events:

But let’s go back to the very beginning. It all started when Vogt-Roberts noticed the following things on his seatmate’s Facebook feed:

The filmmaker also commented, “His feed is endless. It really makes you realize how Facebook and social media failed us. It’s the exact opposite of real news.”

During the flight, Vogt-Roberts also chronicled how the older man interrupted his conversation with the flight attendant, failed to connect his phone to portable charger, and tucked a napkin “into his shirt shoveling food in his mouf.”

Vogt-Roberts seemed to snap when he witnessed the “grown ass man eat an airplane cookie with the hand motions & mannerisms as if he was sucking a Peach.”

And then the director completely lost it, prefacing his outrage with “THIS MOTHER F—ER.”

Then, Vogt-Roberts explained “a perfect visual,” in which the man “is too fat to reach his shoes under his seat because the black dude in front of him has his seat rightfully reclined. So he awkwardly points at the dude in front of him as gestures to the flight attendant to have him more his seat up so he can leave his seat.”

He continued, “The two female flight attendants and I exchange looks like ‘oh boy.’ They shake their head ‘no.’ Man finally squeezes out his chair. Leaving the two women to continue to clean his mess while he goes to the front of the plane and makes country club small talk with someone.”

But it didn’t stop there. Vogt-Roberts claimed the man was watching “Anthropoid,” which, the director explained, “is likely the only in-flight movie about Nazi’s killing thousands in Czech Villages.”

And then he realized his phone wasn’t charging because his seat mate got up too violently from the seat.

Vogt-Roberts then chronicled his conversation with the man in which he tried to explain that he broke his charger, which “causes him to truly look at me for the first time the entire flight.” Vogt-Roberts then vows to take the man’s charger in payment.

When the filmmaker got on his connecting flight, he continued to tell the tale, revealing that his seat mate didn’t “say anything about the cord. I unplug it and wrap it up. We pull in the gate. Who’s gonna make the first move? Then outta nowhere he hit me on the arm as if it was your buddy saying ‘hey check that out.’ But he ain’t my bud + he blurts out ‘My Chord.'”

And Vogt-Roberts got the cord!

Read his entire Twitter saga here.